Anyone giong have a internet link to a free Judgement Day broadcast?

I would also like to thank whoever had the link to the free Backlash show as well.


Out of 2 John Cena's gimmick, which one was better?

You can check out They cover the pay-per-view matches live for WWE and TNA. It's prety much like watching it yourself.

Somebody ask a question about Matt Hardy.?
all you gotta do is make an account and you can see any PPV
or WWE show till now.

How many of of you know who i am?

i need one too cuz i alredy owe my folks £15 for wrestlemania 23 cuz they sed i wasnt allowed 2 watch it but idid enyways so i wanna watch judgement day pleese eny1 hu reads thiss pleese pleese let me watch judgement day.

Any one know how HBK is doing since monday night raw?

u tell me

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