Answering The Colt Cabana Question?

A few post back, someone posted a question about Colt Cabana appearing on WWE TV. Well, most of you don't know who Colt is, so I thought I'd share a little bit with you. Back in RoH he, CM Punk, and Ace Steel (Trivia: Ace played Donald Trumph in the joke Rosie/Donald match) had a faction called second city saints. Both Punk and Colt were formally trained by Ace, but CM played a big role as front man for the group. Punks last match in RoH (which can be found on youtube, I highly suggest it) was against his former tag partner Colt Cabana. Cabana shortly after showed up in a few other promotions, trying to establish a name for himself (one of my favorite matches was the Chris Candido invitational with Larry Sweeney and Delirious, also on youtube) He even ended up in WSX shortly before it went out of business as a masked superstar named Matt Classic. Now he's in OVW, but here's an old match with Trent Acid I hope you all enjoy.


Will Khali go after Mark Henery for more competition?

he's Matt Classic? Lol. I r respecting dis Cabana now.

Man, we do need some new blood in WWE, and Colt could sure pump up the roster in terms of experience and talent. Ace Steele's still in OVW, don't be surprised if they come together as a tag team.

What do you think will happen between RVD and McMahon next week on ECW?

i havent seen a match of cabana's but what i hear about him that he has a very unique offense....HE WAS MATT CLASSIC? WHAT A STUPID GIMMICK! XD!

I have a question?

Since you dont offer e-mail

Candle-- Once again ur wrong. Sting even said in an interview that Bret was doing the move (Sharpshooter) when Sting was watching wrestling on tv. This is well known to all wrestling fans. Bret even used this move in Calgary on several occasions when he first started working for his dad in the 70's. Besides, Bret goes in with his left foot first and Sting with his right, in my eyes that counts as somewhat different. Try to use real facts instead of just making them up and providing stipulation. Just try to look stuff up next time little one.

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