A really importent question?!?

Question:hi everyone!-guys i've known this but ive been waiting to tell u..u know that the intercontental champion the italian guy whatever his name is..well u all know he was picked (randemly)out of the crowd to fight umaga!well he was already training to become a wrestler..& mr.mcmahon new it!HOw do i know..i know because on ovw(ohio valley wrestling).com he was on there roster wayyyyyyyy before mr.mcmahon supposly didnt even know who he was!!!!!!!1

i starting to believe wwe gets worse & worser & fake & faker each day !
& lately i dont even watch most of it..matter of fact i FALL Asleep...Unlike the wwf days!they were so much more entertaining..& interesting...WHat happend to the wwe?

i just dont get it..
the only entertaining wrestler is john cena & edge & a few others...the only reason why edge is entertaining is because i like watching people beat him up...Im a cena fan!!

But really what is up with the wwe??

i need answers really fast!!!!!!!!


Why does everyone hate matt Hardy?

yea i knew that santino [intercontinental champ] was a wrestler for OVW i saw him live, in person when he made his debut on OVW. OVW came to my town and i went and he was there. when mr mcmahon chose him to wrestler umaga it made me soooo mad becuz they think we are stupid and that we dont know that he came from ovw they need to think before they do stuff like that cuz some of us are smarter than they think. but i personally like santino.

Is john cena married??

Duh how could you not know this. Wrestling is fake and scripted.

EDGE VS BATISTA , Who will win?

we been knew he wasnt a random fan

Did you know that i could babysit 75% of the john ceman,boretista and booby ashley fanbase?

ad course do you really think he would put some random guy in the ring and possibly get hurt and make this guy champ and never come back with the tittle

Can someone tell me if wrestling is a real sport.?

Yeah his name is Santino Marella and he played a dominant heel in OVW, the WWE would never pull someone out of the crowd at random because if they got hurt then holy *.

What Will RVD do about his wrestling Career...I dont need to know he is taking time off i want opinions?

don't fall in love with it.. it's just tv

Any jeff hardy fans out there?

Actually I knew that before he won the belt. He is called a plant (a wrestler placed in a crowd to be part of a storyline), WWE and all wrestling promotions have done it before its nothing new.

Who hates John Cena's spiining Championship belt?

every one all ready knows that you are a little late. And if you don't know his name (santino Marella) how come you know he was on the OVW roster??

When is the worlds strongest man Mark Henry coming back to smackdown wrestling . thank you?

It's all part of the story line. That's why they changed the name to World Wrestling Entertainment, aside from the World Wildlife Fund lawsuit. Their talent is almost always groomed in OVW and up until recently, Deep South Wrestling, though sometimes they can acquire outside talent and make a better story for them, like when Tazz came from ECW or the Radicalz "defecting" from WCW.

How are batisat and undertaker gonna face each other for the WHC if none of them are the champ?

We knew that since the day he won the title.

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