10 Points... It's Easy!?

Question:Tell me the following:

The Gay people in this section?
The person you hate the most?
The person you wished you could fight?

Who ever tells me them with a good explanation they will get 10 points!


Randy or cowboy bob orton? who~sucks more?

The Gay people in this section? im not saying any names or i might get deleted

the person you hate the most? Holla M is pretty annoying!

The person you wished you could fight? the great khali if i had andre the giant,yokozuna,king kong bundy, big show, umaga, and more big people by my side

Do Wrestler's get Bulky?

what ever

WWE Action Figures in the Philippines?


Because You wasted my time with this question.

Kidding of course.

Am new here, and I look forward to reading the responses from the cagey veterans.

Who is better hbk shawn michaels or chris leahy?


What would you rather listen to?

Independent Kid
Independent Kid
Mickie Lee

Batista v.s kurt angle?

oooh, chatting AND point gaming. Two violations in one!

Why do people watch "show" wrestling, like WWE?

Indy Kid
" "
" "

What was the best Wrestle mania match of all time?

I can't answer the first one because I think calling people gay is middle-school.

I don't "hate" anyone; I don't care that much.

I don't really think there's anyone here I'd "like" to fight, but there's nobody I couldn't beat.

Why do the Women wrestlers only fight other Women?

well i dont wanna give the name for #1, cos id rather not make too amyn enemies. but i think they r gay cos they posted a q asking if anyone thought john cena was gay. so maybe.

2. i dont hate him, but i erally dont like Brock L. because he keeps hating on cena. it needs to stop. he is entitled to his opinion, but some of the things he says are awful. like asking if cena fans have passed the first grade, have unusual b.o, know who their father is, etc. its kdina getting annoying.

3. idk. noone probably. im not very big, so i would prbably lose. but if i had to pick someone it would be either john cena ( haha big suprise there), because hes such a good wrestler, plus hes really cute! or HBK, because hes such an amazing wrestler.


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