Am I the only one happy to see Mark Henry back?

Granted, he's not a great wrestler, but I think he's been though so much Gimmick-wise (remember Sexual chocolate?) and injury wise (he's been on the injured list more than the active roster for the last decade) that I'm kinda happy to see him wrestling again. Your thoughts?


If u were the judge and u will have to punish micky james for turning on trish how would u punish her?

Hell yes, WSM is going to destroy some of those SD clowns *cough The Miz cough*

To boost smackdowns ratings do you think it be a good idea for him to go to smackdown?


Are guys giving me respect? I'm chairman of the wwe?

you are the only one

Do you think Edge was better in RAW or that he will be good in Smackdown! ( he used to be in Smackdown! )?

Yes, sadly, you are the only one. And the Weakest link...goodbye!

It only proves to the fact more that Vince likes big men. Period.

Reasons why John Cena is hated?

Mae West is happy, also.

Who do you think is the best looking diva or valet of all-time?

yes i like him his a power house and has a real threating tone in this voice and he also said on friday taker this isn't a grave yard it's a jungle

If you could pair any 2 wrestlers to challenge the Legion of Doom back in their prime who would it be?

yes ur the only one

What do you think of the Undertaker?

ya u are the only one

TNA: Superstar Thiefs?

I,m not Bye Mark Henry I know put him on ECW

Who do you think should be wwe champion world champion and ecw champion?

uh ya its pointless to bring a non human in to fight the rest of the weaklings henry should only fight taker kahli umaga and kane
they wouldnt dare put him on raw bcuz then cena would have to jet

What WWE moment made you laugh hardest?

You are the only one! I don't like him, because he took out the Undertaker and he was one of my favorite wrestlers!

Anyone hear any rumors or heard anything lately about The Rock making a return to the WWE?


What would it mean if?

I don't really care either way. But, I think it's annoying having all these super heavyweights who only do like 2 moves.

CUD Results!? Championship Picture Cleared up!? New Superstar!? What do you think?

im glad he is back too

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