4 easy wrestling questions?

Question:1. Rate Backlash 2007(1-5)
2. Complains about Backlash?
3. Who would win?

John Cena vs. Chairman vs. Undertaker(title unification)
IC Champion vs. Chris Benoit(title unification)
Hardy Boyz vs. Deuce'N Domino(title unification)

my winners: Undertaker,Benoit,Hardys

so then WWE will have the following titles:
WWE Championship:Undertaker
IC Championship: Chris Benoit
WWE Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz(Matt&Jeff Hardy)

4. Are Matt&Jeff Hardy twins or brothers? If they are brothers who is older?


Are there any eddge heads that are willing to help write a storyline for him?

1. 3
2. everything is just a rematch
3. undertaker (title unfication?/ why?)
chris benoit
Hardy boys
4. brothers, matt is older.

Favorite Masked Wrestler?

Chairman winning, I hoped Shane would win

Brother, Matt is 3 years older.

Whens spider man comen back?

1. 3
2. Cena still the champ? Vince ECW champ?
3. Cena, Benoit, Hardy Boyz
4. Matt is a few years older than Jeff

Whoever is watching PPV Sacrafice can u tell me what happens plz?

1. 3 is my rating for backlash

2. I hate that Vince won, Undertaker won,and that Cena won..theyre may be more complains ( but i think not )

3.cnea vs undertaker vs chariman..Cena

Chris Benoit


4. Matt and jeff are brothers and Matt is older

Whats better raw or smackdown what do you think?

1 - backlash was a 4, best backlash in a long time
2- the curtain opener and the fact that we have three brands but now they all perform on one ppv, thus defeating the purpose of the brand extensions
3- undertaker, benoit, hardy boyz
4- they are not twins, matt is older by around 3 years

Is wwe better getting boring because all the good wrestlers are leaving?

hardyz boyz
brothers matt is older

Do u think undertaker has changed over the years wrestling wise?

cena retians. hbk sould of won it
underyaker benoit hardyz but i bet cena is going to win
there are and matt is the older one

Who do u think will win the triple threat match at sacrifice in TNA?

1) 3 1/2

2) why is Vince the new champion? that sucks!

Chris Benoit
hardy boyz

4)they are not twins matt hardy is 33 and jeff is 30 years old.

Another question about JBL's commentary?

Backlash * rating
I Loved Benoit vs. MVP Mcmahon killing ECW... not cool
McMahon first ever Extreme heavyweight Champion... :-(
Benoit would beat marella
Hardyz -DnD worst gimmick ever
Brothers matt is Older


1. 2... 1 being worst...
2. John Cena won!
3. Anyone but Cena

Chris Benoit
Hardy Boyz

WWE Championship:Undertaker
IC Championship: Chris Benoit
WWE Tag Team Championship: Hardy Boyz(Matt&Jeff Hardy)

4. Matt is older by 3 years

Cena sux

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