Any thoughts about John Cena Vs Khali match?



Does anyone have some links or sites that has melina,maria,mickie and candice's CURRENT entrance videos..?

sumthing special might happen,
like Kane is on the cover of Judgement day he might attack khali in the match.
But khali is not winning WWE title

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Who is the Longest Reigning Intercontinenta Champ of all Time?

john cena proved that he can F.U. khali. but khali is way too strong. this is going to be an exciting match

Why would Vince make KHALI champion ?

see john cena accept all the match asked for and this match is an about his wwe title so he will not going to lose this match

Have u guys seen Vince Vaughn ..he's missing?

it gonna be huge

Dream Team?

this will be a very very intersting match....lets see who win this match but more chances goes to khali becoz he is stroger than john cena.but i am with john cena

Will batista win the title at judjment day?what are your other matches predictions?

Yeah Khali will make John Cena actually look good since he isn't quite as terrible as Khali in the ring.

Who would win in a hell in a cell match between batista,shawn micheals,john cena,or bobby lashley?

no contast

Hey everbody i just want to say im sorry i kept saying TNA sucks but i like it now scince Sabu and RVD will go

I think if John puts his mind to it, he can beat Khali. John is going to win and still be the champ.

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