*Spoiler question* Who will be the next WHC next week? There are two men scheduled to be the WHC not TAKER!?

Question:It's gonna be either...

* Batista
* MR. Kennedy

Who's your pick, this might be the things happening...

- Batista beating Taker in the Steel Cage match


- Mr. Kennedy cashing in the Money in the Bank after the Steel Cage Match.

Taker will not retain next week because of his serious injury!


What Will happen if TNA shut down Tomorrow?

Ask me if I care. I was forced to watch wrestling at someone's home and I thought dying would be less painful. Wrestling is for losers get a clue.

What happened to the Big Show?

Kennedy is going to cash in the money in the bank and win the belt. He will probably be the champ for awhile and maybe drop it to Taker at the next Wrestlemania

Ive won two legend money in the bank lader matches still havent got mitb trophy?

I bet it's ging to be Mr. Kennedy


Name my favourite top 5 superstars from wwe and you will be rewarded with 10 points?

batisteroids will beat him :( and mr.kennedy will cash in his money in the bank and become new champ

Will Triple HHH make a strong run at the belt when he returns or go back to DX?

It will be interesting to see in storyline terms why they are going to say undertaker will be out for 6 to 8 months..

He wont loose the belt and then they say 'hes out for 8 months due to a bicep tear.

I think he may fly off the top of the cage thru a table or something, something that looks dramatic, and use that as part of the storyline to say he has an injury due to that spot in the match.

I really hope they give Kennedy the push and give him the belt.

He should turn face (When he did his promo on Raw this week that may have been a little test to see how hed be as a face when he asked the crowd if he should cash in the breifcase.. they gave him a huge pop!) and they should send Orton to Smackdown to fued with him.

Mix things up a little why not...

The Mcmahons vs Kane undertaker?

Mark Henry is going cost Undertaker his match with Batista. This will anger Kane so they can feud.

Who Is Better John Cena or The Big Red Monster Kane?


Who is excited to see great khali vs. john cena?

kennedy anyday is better than ultimate warrior reject

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