Any Gangrel Fans?

Question:I think Independent Kid is a closet fan, but that's another story for another time.

Anyone else out there remember him?


Do you think it is right for someone to win a title on first apperance.?

He couldn't wrestle for (bleep)! But he had an awesome entrance!

Hey wrestling guys and gurls!?

best entrance ever....the Brood was cool....him attacking you after a match on the first Smackdown was also cool

Why can't everyone be smart like the wrestler "tajiri"?

i love the man he rocks.

Does undertaker have a son and if he does what is his name?

No.I dont remember him.

Who was the more dominant wrestling family?

He had a bad *** character!

Why doesn't john ceman go back to ovw and learn how to WRESTLE?

he was awesome it was cool how he drank and spat out blood just like me on weekends

What is CM Punks' real name?

i never saw him wrestle before but i have played him on smackdown 1 and i thought he was cool i hope he comes back and have a first blood match between Kevin thorn

Judgement Day Results please?


Tittle Contenders?

Yeah I remember him! He was cool I mean he's entrance was one of the best I ever saw, The Brood with edge and Christian was cool, Their theme song was awsome, I don't know what ever happen to him, He was tight the last time I saw him wrestle was on WWF Attitude.

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