Any good name suggestions for a weekly wrestling tv show like raw, smackdown or impact kinda thing?


What ever happened to the Double Double E guy and 2 Cold Scorpio making their debut on SD/Raw/ECW?


Why my hands feel weak?

Yea GET down! it would sound awesome Welcome to WWE GET DOWN

Who should get the first championship opportunity at Mr. McMahon?

how about wankdogs, after all thats basicly what wrestlers are.

Is ther any 1 that can get me ringside tickets 2 the october house shows in london?

tna dude if you like high flyers you would like tnas x division

Wrestlemania 24?


wellllllcommmme toooo WWF INNNNNNCEST

When you think of wrestling who is the first wrestler that comes to your mind?

etx extreme technichal wrestling
thw total hardcore wrestling
the squared circle

2 questions in the second 1 i need help..look below for questions?

championship wrestling X!!
a.k.a cwx!

SInce Bobby Lashley is injured , how is Santino Marella going to defend his belt ?

The Cage

Is Vince McMahon HBK's father?

"Large homo erotic men in tights!!"

Written in big neon lighting above the ring - very catchy!

Is this a good wrestlemania 24 match card?

ucw ultimit championship wrestling

Who are the main eventers in the WWE right now?

Old School Rulz

for - no countouts, clean pinfalls, believable storylines -

Next wwe champion?

X destruction, or total war

Who do you think should come back or wish would come back and kick cenas *** for the title?

How about dont bother, its all fixed and not even real.
Put more soccer on TV instead

Do the Divas wear tampons?


YO what it be like why golddust gone mane?

In Your House

Can you give me a site where i can see full wwe matches?

Load of Bollocks

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