Wasn't it kind of obvious it was Khali?

I knew it had to be Khali...or maybe Umaga but it was Khali.


Is there Kiss my as(s) match on Sd v Raw 07?

I had no idea it was that monster. I was very upset because for some reason John Cena is the only one who can pin these mice that Kane used to chase out the ring through the crowds and some how the wwe script would never allow Kane to pin them. What is wrong with that picture?
Kane can and should have pinned the Khali.

Way to Go Kane!

What one hour show do you like better "ecw" or tna?

It was obvious. Any TRUE FAN would know that. Vince has been waiting to build Khali up a bit.

What your fave. show?

Damnit, if he's getting a title push, I am going to quit watching WWE.

Who felt sorry for HBK last night? i suurre did...?

ya i new it toooooooooo.

Why is john cena still exist as the wwe champion? Tell me reasons?

i didnt realize it no i thought it was vince or cena

Which Backlash 2007 match was your favorite?

first i wasnt sure who it was. i thought it could of been edge the whole time when he made his last remark, also b/c edge tends to lie and fake people out all the time so i thought he was pretending to be unconcies.
It was obvious. Any wwe fan would know that it was Khali.

Triple h sister??

Honestly,I thought it was going to be UMAGA.

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