Who has the highist IQ in wwe?

Question:My other question was the lowist so who's the smartist?

Edge? (For making Kennedy put his MITB on the line then wining the world title the next day)

Vince? (For winning the ECW title by making Lashley put it on the line against Shane Umaga and himself)

Matt striker?

I would pick edge how about you?


Ken Kennedy fans?

Kane and Striker both have Masters Degrees.

Can i be part of the 'rude' group in this category, the group that makes fun of wrestlers and stuff?

Me, for creating ECW

Would you support Matt Hardy as World Champion?

shane and stephanie mcmahon

What cereal do wrestling fans like better? rice krispies or corn flakes?

kurt angel but hes in tna. dog it! dam vince with the kiss my *** club

Why did the wwe release?

John Cena

How will WWE replace such two star talent such As Scotty 2 Hotty?

In wrestling generally the wrestler with the highest IQ is Raven

Anyone know the SmackDown! Spoilers from London tonight?


Who wins this battle?

I got three letters for you
no one can beat Triple H in his mind games

Remember how he turned the fans on Cena at WrestleMania 22 for the first time ?
Remember how he won the Elimination Chamber?
The list goes on Triple H always finds a place for himself at the main event
Edge and vince are smart but Triple H is known for his IQ

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