About the orton trashing room thing?

Question:A similar thing happened to former WCW and WWE star Juventud Guerrera when WCW was touring Austrailia. Someone slipped an unknown substance into Juvi's drink one night. Later that night the cops were called as Juvi was in his hotel room naked screaming at people threatening to kill himself. This led to Juventud's release from WCW. Do you think someone might have done something similar to orton that caused him to trash his room and pass out?

Orton doesn't have the best attitude I've heard and someone might have done it in hope that orton would get fired


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Well something like this would make a lot of sense, and i'm glad Orton didn't go farther than trashing his room. I think that is a horrible thing to do though, to slip something into someone's drink. I hope this doesn't get him released. Even if he doesn't have the best attitude that just isn't cool. Hopefully he will be alright.

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Lol idk

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I agree Orton isn't mr perfect. but wouldn't people in the next hotel to orton call the cops for disturbing the peace. he just messes up the hotel room and passes out. it dosn't make sense. there is more to it. I heard the same thing to that it was a itialian fan that drugged orton up. and wrecked the hotel.

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He did'nt do it by himself he had help from his freinds

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I think it might be Chavo Guerrero because Chavo was in WCW and both raw and smackdown are in the same place right now.

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He was given medication for his stomach virus but he wasn't drugged. There were other people in his hotel room.

Why does this happen?

it's possible. if they did they probably put "speed" in his drink because thats what it makes u do.

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