A Few Things..?

Question:1.I know that Cena has had the title for a LONG time , and many think its time for him to give it up, me included, but the great Khali? I mean come on, where does he even come from in this situation.. who do you think should take it?

2. Mr. McMahon.. Oh my.. Which was funnier, HBK and Cena proclaimin he had "lost it" Or Shane O Mac being renamed demon seed..

Other than those two I just want your opinions on the match, I'm sure we've all ready been asked this a million times but its a question you can answer easily for 2 points and 10 if your answer pleases me the best!


Who is best? please read details?

I loved the Vince gear.God he is showing his age.I agree.Khali is a joke.Thats why the WWE is under fire.They are looking for guys who are Freaks of nature and Body Builders.They dont look for wrestling talent.As for the WWE title.Dont look for Cena to lose it anytime soon.Ive heard that he will hold it until Summerslam.I hope HHH gets back soon and raises hell.I really think they should allow HBK to hold it one more time.

Is the Kane with No Mask Better than the Kane with the Mask?

its in the script (fake)

Maria Kanellis and Aishwarya Rai. Who else thinks they look alike?

Well, to sum it up... JOHN CENA is the BEST!!!

Where Can I Get Recent Stephanie McMahon Pictures?

They want you to feel sympathy to Cena and damn you don't feel so
Vince wants the fans to get behind Cena that way after he failed to impress them by his so called talent
If the fans still don't get behind Cena Vince will make him defeat Khali believe it by cheating by sucking

Mr McMahon actions are funny but I don't like seeing him heavily involved in the storyline like that he is getting more attention than Cena or Taker
still Shane is really is silverspoon whatever

When the Kane Vs Kane Thing was going on everyone was saying that...?

Of coarse Khali came out of no where! What else are they going to do? They have been doing the four way dance with Cena, HBK, Orton and Edge for way to long now without a change of the title holder. This is actually a typical move by WWE, you would know that if you watched for more than 2 years. Khali is a dominant force and has gone through training with several wrestlers to get a moveset down and perform. Khali will be a great champion when his moves are down. This is typical from you little kiddie fans who dont know much, the Undertaker didn't do any moves when he first came to the WWF. He just punched, body slammed, and kept getting up from attacks until he did his chokeslam and then tombstone. Every REAL fan saw this coming a few months ago. Try to keep up little one. Vince also put Khali against Cena cause he knows the fans actually hate Khali and his precious Cena MIGHT get cheered again. In my opinion, I think Khali will win some fans with this movement I know I am a Khali fan now. I think Cena is the only guy that wrestles worse than Khali.

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