Am I the only one that hates Randy Orton and Edge?

they are both cocky young guys that have ego's through the roof


I just got bk from earls court watched Raw, loved it, anyone else?


ORTON SUX SHriveled Up Monkey Penis!

Who LOVES the Hardy Boyz!!!?

Apparently so, that's their character. And if you hate them that means they're doing a really good job being bad guys.

What happened between Lita and The Hardyz? some people say that there were personal problems between them,.?

Both of them yes you are the only one, One of them no
I hate Edge not by much but I still hate him
Orton is OK
YOU probably like Cena or HBK or Taker but these faces won't look good without feuding with some cocky bad guys
otherwise WWE is no more entertainment

Remember this?

Randy is good for the Bizz but he may not be there very long from what I hear he has been doing drugs again and for Edge I truly hate him he realy sucks not to demean what he did for the bizz in the TLC matchs but right now he just sucks

Whats next for Torrie Wilson?

No you are not

He is a two time world champ who is he?

they are the best what are u talking about

Who has a better theme song? jonothan coachman's hard hittin' or mvp's i'm comin?


When did Shawn Extreme win the KWL WORLD TITLE?Did those results get lost?

duhhhh there hot and your stupid!!11111

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