Am I the only person sick of reading that Jeff Hardy is a drug abuser?

In many answers to questions you read people say negative things about Jeff, mainly him being a drug abuser. We all have things in our past we would like to change. That is the past, he is a kick a** wrestler. Who doesn't have skeletons? Am I the only one who feels this way?


Who thinks that?

I agree with you; he's not a drug abuser. I don't believe he ever was; I have the book about him and Matt. The book didn't mention anything about that. Jeff Hardy is amazing; he's my 2nd favorite wrestler. Taker's my favorite(can't forget about the Dead Man).

Wwe is the steel cage match next week for the title or not?

Never heard of Jeff Hardy...

Vincent kennedy mcmahon should buy newcastle united?

never heard of him

Is this the funniest thing ever?

Jeff Hardy is a drug abuser!

Who Was Better Brock Lesnar Or The Undertaker ?

Jeff Hardy was in drug rehab, that's the reason WWE took him back. If he's abusing them again, idk.

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