Anyone a kevin nash fan at all?


Did anyone see a sigh on RAW last nite that z Did someone tell Khali 2 grow up?

Love Nash he is my third favorite wrestler behind Kane and Taker. Its too bad he cannot stay healthy or he would still be in the WWE instead of TNA.

Randy orton vs Shawn Michail's vs Ken Kennedy?


What do you think Stone Cold would do exactly if,?

you have to respect him and scott hall for the impact that the NWO had years ago! I was a fan, but when everything merged together, it just got repetitive!

How to Post WWE Videos Without Them Being Removed?

Not me. You are all a bunch of fools wwe wrestling is fake!


For all you~morons~ who keep saying randy orton is the future of wwe wrestling?

Yeah he's usually very entertaining.When he's not we can always enjoy his immaculate hair do. lol P.S. the guy above me can go swan dive into his mama's pound cake.

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