Any updates on hbk?

how is he?


WHY does kane hate the date may19,2006?

Despite injury concerns, Shawn Michaels will wrestle Randy Orton on tonight's PPV. This match or maybe on RAW tomorrow may be his last for some time before he is on hiatus to undergo surgery - the extent of Michaels' injury isn't known yet but it is said to be serious and may put the Showstopper out of contention for some time

Who is stronger sabu or rey mysterio?

all i saw was a video on he was sent to the hospital i guess,..

gosh, i hate the writers!! they got me worried all the time!!

How many WWE Hall of Famers are deceased?

He was taken to a local hospital and they said he has a severe concussion and will be kept overnight.

Do Any Of These People On Here In The Wrestling Section Have A Life?

his knee is probly jacking up again, he'll suck it up eventually.

What's the word on batista?

the injury is pretty severe they think a mcl or pcl tear but it looks like we wont see heartbreak for a while

Who think kids shoud be part of wrestling?

i was at judgement day and hbk looked pretty bad
orton really messed him up
looked like he got another concusion
he should be fine though

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