ANOTHER diva search contest?

Question:We are casting the 4th annual WWE Diva Search!

The WWE Divas Brand is currently up to new and exciting things - The Divas are frequently appearing in music videos (see the new Timbaland video), TV shows (Smallville, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, and more...), doing tributes to the troops (just went to Iraq). We are building all kinds of cutting edge, new opportunities to help build the Divas brand.

No wrestling experience or aspirations to wrestle necessary. One lucky woman will be awarded a one year WWE talent contract worth $250,000. In addition, WWE is always looking for a variety of women to fill other positions on our 3 shows, Monday Night 'Raw', Friday Night 'Smackdown' and ECW. WWE is not just looking for one girl. We're looking for several!

A WWE DIVA is a fun, fearless girl who is beautiful, physically fit, athletic, comfortable with her body, has a sparkling personality and a great presence about her. This is the 4th annual Diva Search... Past and present Divas include: Stacey Keibler, Layla El (2006 Diva Search Winner), Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle, Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro (currently on April 07 Playboy cover)...


I dont like this at all.your thoughts? I particulary hate the part where they say no experience necessary.


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No wrestling experience or aspirations to wrestle necessary.are you kidding me! Are you **** kidding me! So what we're going to have more Ashley's in the business?! JUST **** GREAT. DUDE I SHOULD ENTER THAT DAMN CONTEST! I'll be 18 in 8 days, but ya know what I don't want to be to tough on the **'s entering the contest.

Please Help Me!?


What is john cena's email address?

Please don't let them waste my time watching that crap AGAIN!

Does my Avatar really look like Shawn Micheals?

Yeah, I agree it sucks. Ho's r a dime a dozen. Bring back ivory, molly holly, or beth phoenix.

Ok so ill ask a few questions.?

I don't like the sound of it either.Why can't the WWE find divas with ACTUAL TALENT.Damnit,wwe's retarded somtimes.
I mean,Mickie,Melina,Trish,Lita,... Victoria can wrestle.I mean they're all very talented women.Why does the wwe sometimes hire some random bimbo that has no wrestling talent?That's just sad.It really is.It disappoints me also.

The piledraver an ilegal move wtf!!?


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yes this is another reason wwe is going downhill
we are watching WRESTLING, not annorexic bimbos who can dance & look good in bathing suits
vince can at least try to find women that look good & can wrestle but no he cant even do that, were stuck with brooke, kelly kelly, layla, ashley, & candice michelle who cant put on a 10 minute-long match

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