10 Points..?

Question:If anyone one can give me WRESTLER {FUNNY} NICKNAMES, I'll give you 10 points!

EXAMPLE: John Ceman


How many peple think Samoa Joe sucks?

WWE: W.orst W.restling E.ver

Carlito: Craplito
HBK: Has Been Kid
Snitsky: SHlTSKY
Batista: Fagtista
Triple H: Triple Homo
Hulk Hogan: Hulk Hasbeen
Edge: Rated R Reject
Bobby Lashley: Booby Lashley
King Booker: King Booger
The Hardy Boyz: The Hardy B!tches
Rey Mysterio: Gay Mysterio
Chavo Guerrero: Chavo Gayrerro
Undertaker: Overtaker

TNA: T.en N.aughty A.sses.

Abyss: Apyss
Scott Steiner: Steroid Steiner
Raven: Gayven
Kurt Angle: Turd Angle
Voodoo Kin Mafia: Very Korny Men
LAX: LAXatives
3-D: 3-Dickheads
Tomko: Momko
Chris Sabin: Chris Gayben
Robert Roode: Fobert Foode

Where can I buy old wrestling videos?

The Purple Teletubie ( thats '' John Cena'' )

Batisat ( thats Batista )

Booger T.no sorry i meant king of the Boogers..AHH..I mean BOOGER KING! ,,,no...its King of teh boogers..right..I think i got it! ( thast Booger T..ahh..i mean Booker T )

Edge trshed the room blaming it on Orton so he wouldn't have to face him?

lol what YIPEN said...

It's still big!?

MVP...Most OVerpaid Player

Hey who wants to?

I.P. Freely

Amanda Hugginkiss

Questions for Smackdown vs. RAW 2008?

goldbeg etc...

John Cena Haters. question?

*Booger T

Stephine Levisque?

nuts mahoney

Who would pin who? High school freestyle, 130 lb girl lot a experience or 145 boy 5-2 record?

Instead of "The Rock"...it could be "The C0CK".No homo

What two wrestlers would you want to see feud?

batista: throw,throw some steroids on that **

Who thinks the WWF Hulk Hogan had better times than the WWE wrestlers?

John Cena: The Chump
The Great Khali: The Great Cauliflower
The Hardy Boyz: The Hardly Boyz
Edge: The Rated-G Wannabe
Big Show: Big Ho
Batista: Batisteroids
Bobby Lashley: Bobby A**cheek
Ric Flair: D**k Hair
Teddy Long: Theodore Longstocking

WWE fans?? i want to know if any of you agree with me...?

dick head..joe blough..artie fartie.bill reamer.walt erd...ur. n. trubble.to name a few

Your theme song?


CANDYASS!!....... for it......

.....wait for it..........


When would cena lose?

Cena:John Ceman
Lashley: Booby Ashley
King Booker:King Booger
HBK:Has Been Kid( I hate this one)
CM Punk: CM Suck
Undertaker:Overtaker(hate this one too)
rey Mysterio:Gay Mysterio
Extreme Expose:Extreme Expogay

Whos are the best tag team?

Yawn Ceman
Craptista or Batisroids
Boobie Ashley
Has Been Kicked
Come'oM Punk
The Crock
Y2 Cheap
Help Hogan!!

Can anyone believe cena beat Kahli 4 the WWE Championship?

Kandy Kane
Gay Mysterio
John Simen
Vincent Kennedy McCock
Nuts Mahoney

Imagine Jake the Snake crossbreeding a black mamba and an anaconda, comming back to the WWE, has his snake eat

Carlito: Craplito
Snitsky: SHlTSKY
Batista: roidtista
Edge: Rated R Reject
Bobby Lashley: Booby Lashley
King Booker: King Booger
The Hardy Boyz: The Hardy B!tches
Rey Mysterio: Gay Mysterio
chris matser:chris matserbater
chris beniot:chris bandit
the miz:the fizz
kevin thorn:kevin horny

If you could pair any 2 wrestlers to challenge the Legion of Doom back in their prime who would it be?

Deuce & Domino: Deuche & Dumbino

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