A huge waste of time?

was wwe just wasting time on raw because orton woesn't there? the first match shane didn't need umaga or his dad to come out he was already winning and then the hbk and cena match that took like a hour


Whose entrence is this?

I agree, and Edge's appearance was reduced to a short promo! At least HBK won the match.

Hold old is too old?

yea, they needed to fill up a two hour program, so they did a stupid 20 minute match, a 3 minute diva match, a 5 minute untalented indian wrestler match, a 15 minute matt hardy match, then the hour long wm rematch

When did the You Suck! chants on Angle began?

Yes RAW was a waste of time and we have Randy Orton to blame for it. If Randy Orton didn't have to cause $30,000 in hotel damages and get himself suspended and now released, we would've had half of the boring Cena/Michaels match a very rough and emotional but technical Edge vs Randy Orton match.

What website can i watch WWE Backlash 4 free online?

Yes, the Edge and Orton match got canceled, and that resulted in a big time gap, thus - the Cena HBK match took an hour - which sucked, I mean the first 30 minutes were good but after HasBeenKid kept kicking out after it was clear there was no way he could, it got pretty stupid.

And yes the Shane McMahon vs. (Whoever that dude was) match was also pretty stupid, I mean - there was nothing DQ about it but the fact he used a trash can - ooo big whoop. There should definately have been interferance by Lashley.

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