Anyone interested in joining a efed?

its welcome to anyone who are experienced & inexperienced in doing efeds?


How much is a ticket to wrestle mania next year.?

Will you accept created wrestlers?

Do the wrestlers have families?

how does an Efed work

Are sabu and rvd going to tna?

Naw, E-feds r awaist of valuable time.

Does the undertaker has a wife and kids?

Explain E-fed.

Do you think Bobby Lashley should go to RAW and go for the WWE Championship?

sure am

What is the name of the theme songs of:Theodore Long,Jonathan Coachman,Randy Orton,MVP,Kennedy(WWE Superstars)

E-feds are boring.

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  • It's for anyone who want's to be a pro wrestler ecpw has 2 myspace acounts and a website

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