500 dolars per week?

i got a company that will give me 500 dolars per week for naked wrestling.. should i refus or accept ?


Where can I watch WWE Judgement Day online for free?

what is your gender?

personally I would not but, naked women wrestling sounds very entertaining

Most Entertaining ?

depends how bad you want the money.

Why did they call the old NWA tv title the "World TV title" and the WCWA belt the "WCCW World Title"?

Accept if it is part time.

Who else thinks this sucks?

man you have a creepy uncle

What Would be Good Matches for the Next WWE Main Event?

go for it, most indy wrestlers get paid 10-30 dollars a match...and thats WITH clothes on

Where are the wrestling camps!!!??

Yea I would, if it was $500 dolloars a week.

What Matches would you like to see in the future in WWE?

if ur hot yes if not do us a favor and keep the clothes on

How long has john cena had his champinship?

Please respect yourself more. It should not be a questions. You are a better person than that.

A Batista-hater hurt my feelings when he said?

i dont think u should! but if u want to, go for it!

Do you like MVP?


Should rey mysterio wrestle in Lucha Libre?

iwwww no that's discusting who wants to see that besides pervs and malesters and creeps

Do recent injuries in WWE show their need to go back to one brand?

if its guys dont do it like circus midgets, but if it s girls then yes

Has Bret Hart ever forgave Shawn??

Accept , because u could buy anything u want.

Who will be the man to end cenas reign as the CHUMP?

Yer accept if its for a bit lol, r u a guy... that would be a bit gay though

Where can i see the ppv for tonight for free?

if u have financial problem then u should
if u r rich enough so its of no use

Raw preslae?

accept! MONEY!!

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