2 Questions about WWE on Jerry Springer...?

Question:Ok first, do u think Matt Hardy should have been on Jerry Springer for lita and edge, were lita is sayin do u miss this matt and takes her top off, and then the crowd says fight naked for edge and hardy and they bring out a wrestling ring and the do some random moves, who thinks this would be good?

Also do u think John CEMAN should go on their because of Vince cheating behind his back on Shane... i think this would be cool if they brought out a wrestling ring for this one but cena and vince didnt no how to wrestle proply becuase they both suck...

do u think any other superstars and divas should be on here for cheating?!


If I dont use a diet and just get really skinny, can I still do indy wrestling?

That would be sooo totally sweet if The Hardyz went there and John Ceman too!! I also thought that if Stephanie and Chyna went. I WOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT!!

R u a dedicated fan?

I would love to see that.

Who will win the 8-man tag team match in WWE?

I think Trish is good for Springer. Also Chyna.

Is hbk gonna be here tonight or did he take time off for his already?

Its Super and its crazy and also its cool.

Will non - wrestler "scotty 2 hotty" find a new job?

That would be cool

Who disapproves of Edge being WHC?

That is brilliant!

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  • 2 Questions about WWE on Jerry Springer...?

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