Any cena Hater here?

Cena haters speack up i am a big fan of cena haters


Does any one know who was in the old dx i know about x pac but whos the other guy?

i think we shud make a club named cena suxxx

Should Samoa Joe act more like Umaga?

like half or 3/4 people here our anit-cena welcome to the club..

cena suxs

Does anyone think that when Triple H returns the WWE will be more fun to watch?

Just about everyone here that is not a 15 year old girl is a Cena hater.

Sacrifice was awsome just like I knew it would be,what did you think tna fans?

i hate john cena

What is your favorite current wwe or tna diva to date?

i can't stand the dude.

Can you see a possible heel turn in Paul London?

I could seriously approximate that 65-75% of the people on here hate cena.

Does anyone think The Great Khali will win the WWE title? Why do people hate John Cena so much?

I wasn't but I have joined the haters. The best thing about Cena being the champion for the last two years is that I wasn't watching wrestling so I didn't have to sit through it. I stopped watching a little after the roster split.

I felt Cena had just got pushed to fast, so I wasn't a hater at first. Then I couldn't figure out what the problem was in WWE because there is no reason for someone to have the belt that long especially when they get split reaction from the crowd. The Rock, SCSA, HBK, HHH, Hart, and Hogan never held on the title for that long, and they were the biggest stars in the WWF/WWE.and all of them (even Hogan) is better than John Cena.

I am hoping for a Khali win Sunday even though he sucks too.

Who is going to win at judgement day?

im a cena h8er! i h8 him because well because he sucks

Anybody know matt hardys myspace email address?

i used to now i don't cause he has held that title for to long and always over coming the odds if khalli and cena really got into a fight khalli would have killed him

Is this a good name ?

You hate Cena why? Because he worksout harder and is stronger than everyone, than maybe besides lashley size wise, and definately more than that stupid spitting slobbering Camel dealer Khali!! Spends more time promoting and in charities than the other wrestlers? Had one of the best movies of last year come out? Yeah, keep the title away from the most popular, and biggest money maker. I know, because he's not trailer trash, or a *** canadien? Get a life youngsters, learn something instead of being stupid all the time.

Is there anywhere online I can watch TNA Sacrifice tonight for free?

hes garbage, ive said it b-4 and i'll say it again. the WWE has its weakest champion in quite sometime.

I'll give him hes props when hes at signings and when he makes his appearances, he seems like a really cool cat. That doesnt mean hes a good champ.

that whole chain gang crap, now hes like a soldier now. Hes garbage. he looks funny when he wrestles because he lacks wrestling skills. He sucks as a brawler and sucks with this whole hip hop image.

that title run has to end, too much talent like Edge being put to waste. I was pissed when they let go of Christian and then Kurt Angle.

I watch WWE from time to time, when Cena comes on i change the channel. Hes boring, brings nothing to the table.

Raw (wwe) Question!!?

I hate john cena! hes a gay rapper who thinks hes great, why arent better more mature superstars like Batista and Orton getting bigger pushes than him? I would love to see Batista one on one with Cena, and 2 c a batista bomb rock the place. Cena is just a twat

Can we blame gregory helms?

99% of yahoo wrestling sec are cena haters and im the biggest

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