A question for my fellow Cena Hat3rs?

Question:Sometimes when you see someone wearing a Cena shirt, don't you feel like walking up to them and saying:

People like you are the main reason why Raw is crap right now


***BREAKING NEWS*** John Cena has been sidelined for an injured lower back?

i feel more liking hitting them with their chump's F-U so they know that it doesn't hurt at all

What is your deaem macht for the wwe or world belt?


What cahnnel is heat on?

I almost did to this one kid at school who always wear Cena and Batsita gear but I decided against it

Ok guys today's john's birthday so come on lets wish him a happy one, please.?

i agree with you

Who would you rather see get a push for the WHC?

Yes thank you!

To all the Cena haters...?

lol, right on

Do you think a world series of wrestling would be good?

dude who ever takes pride in wearing 1 shouold really b talked 2.nd yes.he sux.

What is the name of batista's old song (entrance)?

Well said.

I don't dislike Cena to that degree, but I certainly get where you are coming from.

Mr. Money in the Bank?

Thats why you slap emm in the face.. well at least talk crap thats what i did to my brother and he's 8 i took his 4 jonh cena shirts through them away and bought him a2 Dx shirts and an undertaker one..hes happy and I also explained to him why jonh cena sucks...and has 6 moves but uses 5 so yeah basically I do want to say to people like that...

What would be your diva rankings?


They don't understand that he sucks.

Why does Candace Michelle insist on keeping her beef with Melina?

nah i wouldn't take it that seriouly i never really think about wrestling at school but if i saw the spinner belt i'd be a whole different story

How many of you have Smackdow vs. Raw 2007?



I kind of act just like Melina,is that bad.?

Yes I want to kick them in the balls.

HHH is the man

Who is glad that The Undertaker is the champion and not Batista?

But its not (entirely) their fault, they're mostly kids who doesn't know the meaning of "good wrestling", because thats what Vince is selling them this day as good wrestling these days. Most of us Cena haters have probably years watching wwe, attitude era or way before that so we know he's a crappy wrestler.
So my point is, I don't feel very much the urge to discuss with ignorant kids, its not their fault, its Vince. He's the bastard thats making raw crap, and already killed ECW. He's the one that created WWE, and he's the one that's killing it

Whoelse had a "nightmare" after seeing Independant Kids face?


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