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1- You win by escaping the cage or sometimes they allow winning by getting a pinfull or submission while in the cell you only win by pinfull or submission
2- The cage edge is on the ring so you can't grab weapons while in the cell feel free to get whatever you want
3- when you escape the cage through the door or by climbing the steel or even from under the ring (it happened) while you can exit the cell whenever you want to put your opponent through the ceiling
4- A hell in a cell always held on P.P.Vs only to settle huge rivalries (only 14 matchs in history) unlike cage matches which can be held on TV shows and for any reasons
5- the steel which the cell is made of is tougher than the normal cage so Cell matches are more brutal and career shortening matches
6- Hell in a cell is exclusive to WWE while Cage matches are in every brand and TNA have the highest cages
7- the first cage match was in 1937 and it developed all over the years while the cell dates back only to 1997 and it only became bigger

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Hell In a cell can't be won by exitibg the ring
hell in a cell has bigger cage
In a cage match you can win by climbing the cage and exiting or using the door
The cage in the hell in a cell has a top
cage is not as brutal

Vince mcmaon questions?

1. Cell has a roof
2. Cell is way bigger
3. In the Cell, you can go under the apron to get weapons
4. You make more destruction
5. Takes a bigger part out of your career going in to one of those.

Can sumbody name every diva who ever wrestled?

cage match: have to escape from the cage to win
hell in a cell: u can leave the cage anytime

cage match:no ref. in the ring
hell in the ell: ref. always in the ring

i cant think of anyothers

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