All time favorite entrance music?

It can be from ECW, WCW, WWE, anything, ever. Mine is the Corporate Ministry theme. What's yours?


Could it still happen?

I'd have to go with the creepy bells and organ music of The Undertaker's first, then, being a metalhead and huge Motorhead fan, either one of the entrance themes Triple H has used the past few year ("The Game" and "Bow Down To The King"), and also the theme for Evolution ("Line In The Sand").

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate RAW last night?

The music that Edge and Christian used.

You Think You Know Me?
You Think You Know Me?
You Think You Know Me?

There was just something mystifying about it.

Wwe trivia?

Mine is NFL theme music.

Who agrees it should have been chavo not rey that got a push and main evented wrestlemania 22?

Undertakers. Second is HBK's

If you could take a steel chair...?

No Sleep Til Brooklyn- Beastie Boys


Sexy Boy-hbk
Burn in my light-hbk
The Game-triple h
Edge's theme
Booyaks-rey mysterio

Did VKM get the Point yet?

Edge's & Randy's theme song.

What exactly is a jobber?

Even though I wasn't a fan of Goldberg, I did like his music in WCW. The heavier version in WWE was awesome, too.



What are the 2 songs that WWE plays during The Condemned commercial?

Maria's theme music

Jeff hardy.what are his catch phrases?

I like The Rock`s entrance song n
Kane`s first entrance song wid mask.

How long was the ecw championship match last night?

Its CM Punk's and HBK's

Who agrees that there are too many old people in WWE?

Fat Bottom Girls for Golddust

Decent storyline? or at least better than what wwe's doing right now?


i'm coming

Who is yur favorite WWE DIVA ?


Should 'Taker whip some since into Edge, Orton and Cena that you...can' stoppa'?!?!?!?!?!

sexy boy by hbk
burn in my light by randy orton
metalingus by edge

What time does raw am start?

Rollin(undertaker) and Ministry of Darkness. and metalingus.and my time(triple H old)
Phenom Forever!

Who do you think is the cutest couple or will make the cutest couple in wwe?

The Raw theme Papa Roach-To Be Loved is my favorite.

Does anyone on Y!A want a wrestling manager?

nwo hollywood hogans or dx's

Does anyone see the resemblance in the Judgment days or is it a staple...for Judgment day?


That's right, nWo red/black team ...

Agree with Take awild's : Hogan 's theme: Jimi Hedrix "Voo-doo Child".. Even though Hogan was a douche in WCW

HHH's : The Game and Kings Of Kings

Rock and Roll Express : Rock and Roll is King by ELO {oops, this team shows my age}

Right To Censor : Loved it because it made the sheeple BAAAA in anger

Road Warriors : Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Put thesre wrestlers in order (worst to best)?

The rocks theme he used from 1999-2001


Kurt angles ecw theme

Ladys and Gentlemen once again the Kane-a-roonie?

The Corporate Ministry Theme was cool, I liked Angles WWE Entrance but hate his TNA, I like MNMs theme music and Booker Ts old music!
Victorias is alright and most of the divas have good musci...especially Jillians singing lol!

SInce they got rid of brand exclusive PPv's, will they stop having brand exclusive wrestlers?

Ric Flair..."Also Sprach Zarathustra"
Fabulous Freebirds..."Bad Street USA"
Shane Douglas in ECW..."Perfect Strangers"
Samoa Joe's theme in TNA

Are you tired of fans quoting wrestlers?

Jeff Hardys' beat music is the best.
and doing his little dance to it is really fun.
It always makes me hyper.

Whats the real name for an rko?

hulk hogan i am a real american

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