When are they going to do the wwe draft. ANd if they are when are they going to do it or did they stop doing it. It they did do you no why?


Did you know there is a new WWE tag team?

They have done a couple end of last year and this year here they are...

Super Crazy to Raw
The Great Khali to ECW/Raw

Elijah Burke to ECW
Snitsky to ECW
Sylvester Terkay to ECW
Sylvan to ECW

Shannon Moore to Smackdown
Daivari ECW/Smackdown
Scotty 2 Hotty to Raw/Smackdown
Kane to Smackdown
Ashley to Smackdown

There were many more drafts when ECW came... Nunzio, Matt Striker, RVD, Kurt Angle and all the others came from nowere as well!

HELPPPPP! Please tell me where to get new years revolution 2007?

?um? Are you drunk already?

Who hates John Cena's spiining Championship belt?

i dont know but i think the last one was like in 04 or somethin, i think that alot of surprising people would go to the 3 seperate brands

If you can fire 1 superstar from each brand who would it be.?

I have no idea.

Dave bautista?

They'll do the draft in the summer (usually late June/early July). They did not stop doing it. This allows them to move superstars around so that we don't get tired of seeing the same matches over and over (i.e. Benoit vs. MVP). Remember when Orton and Cena were on Smackdown? (and how much an impact they made once they switched federations)

For those of u wwe wrestling fans, who is bigger? The great khali or the Big show? Who would probably win?

I don't know if they will stop doing the wwe draft. Sometimes I wonder why they started doing that!

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