4 question?

Question:1.who will play for the wwe
2.who will play for the world h w c
3.which match was the best in jngmentday (in my opinon batsita vs edge
4.what do u feel when cena make khali tap out


All Wrestling Brands in ALL PPV'S?

1- i think randy orton and he gonna beat cena
2-i hope chris benoit
3-yeah batista vs edge was the best match
4-cena make me sick all the time

Who has a better chance of ever winning wwe gold? dave taylor or..?

1. I think Orton is next in line for a title shot
2. Batista, maybe Chris Benoit or Matt Hardy for the WHC.
3. The best match was The Hardys/Cade and Murdock. It surprised me. The card as a whole was lackluster.
4. You've got to be kidding me.oh well. I can't say that I'm that surprised. (I missed that match, had somewhere to be)


1. Khali

2. Batista

3. Edge and Batista

4. Damn it

What wrestler do you like on wwe,raw tna,wwf?

1.Randy Orton
2.Batista or Benoit
3.Batsita vs. Edge
4.That stupid son of a B* alway win.

Why is my~favorite wrestler so much better than yours?

1. Orton - Since HBK is 'injured', Khali had his shot, Edge left, it can only mean Orton or i heard (unfortunatley) Snitsky ... I know that sounds bad
2. Hopefully NOT Batista. Probably (it kills me to say it) Matt Hardy or hopefully Hornswoggle
3. CM Punk vs Burke - Went the distance, had good moves and momentum changes, a great wrestling match
4. I couldnt believe it, then i remembered how great of a wrestler Cena is .. HAHAHAHA

Your avatar is SOOOOO HOT!!! DAMN!! i can barely look at my screen properly

What is the Greatest Wrestling Match You Have Ever Seen?

1) I loooove Randy Orton and would love to see him kick the hell out of Cena's @ss!
I think Randy is the best contender for the WWE Championship at the moment!
2) Well, there aren't many 'face' wrestlers in the WWE at the moment, so it may still be Batista!
Or maybe Kane may get a shot, that would be cool!
3) Yeah, same here, probably Edge's and Batista's!
My favorites are Shawn and Randy, and it really sucked that they had to fight each other, but what makes it worse, is that Randy beat up Shawn, which sort of wrecked my day!
Sorry if you're a fan of his, but I cant believe they make him win everything!
He was the first to beat Umaga, the first to make Khali either submit or pin him (as we all know he made him tap. Undertaker beat Khali but he didn't pin him or make Khali submit because it was a 'Last Man Standing' match!), an what do you think they are going to make Cena do next?
They would probably put him in a match against the whole WWE roster, or at least whats left of them, and they would still make him win!
We'll just see at the next PPV, One Night Stand, and hopefully Cena will FINALLY lose the title that he doesn't deserve to have..the WWE Championship!

If you can bring back a wwe superstar...?

2.dont know
3.batista vs edge
4.that suprised the hell out of me, out of everyone cena whooped him what a suprise, khali sucks now

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