*! undertaker is injured?

Question:yeah he injured his bicep or something at backlash. this is **** horrible. i hope he doesnt gotta give up the title. and i hope its not serious. i beleive hes seeing doctors today so we should find out soon whats up for sure

damn he finally gets a long overdue title run and gets hurt. this is very bad. hes one of the only reasons i still watch wwe


Entrance song...?

This is not good for Smackdown at all! Who do they have to take the helm of this show? They will have to bring someone in from another show.

Who thinks wrestling is fake and its a fu%*ing stupid sport?


TLC = Totally Lacking Coolness?

**! YES! WOW! AN INJURY! Anyways if he does give up the title it better not be to Batista.

Hbk.what are his catch phrases?


Isn't this a perfect example of the average Cena fan?

aw man!
why the undertaker

Why do people waste 50 bucks on crap?

that bullsh!t i hate batisteroids i hope he dies

If john cena fights the rock then john cena will die?

Quick Mr Kennedy! Take 'Taker's title now! He isn't beaten up like Cena was in New Year's Revolution and he is rested. This is the time for Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisterrr... KENNEDY! KENNEDY!

Who is the lamest wrestler you have ever seen?


Are there any wrestlers (besides divas) that aren't on steroids??

He may out as long as 8 months.
Lashley was also hurt (shoulder) at the ppv

Penny Smith v Fiona Philips, who'd win?

HELL NO! that means that the top superstar will be,




Who is better khali or cena?

What about their steel cage match tonight...damn?

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