2 questions, 1. If you saw RAW last night, who won the main event? and 2, is ECW worth watching tonight?

I fell asleep last night during Raw and missed the main event.( was it another HBK vs Cena or did it change..?) And i'm tired now so i was wondering if it is worth staying up to watch ECW tonight.( as in does anyone have any spoilers or think the events are worth it)


Can anyone solve this WWE math equation?

HBK got beat up earlier in the show so no main event actually happened.Cean and Khali fought(not in a match)
ECW(WE) is not worth the money to make it

How much is backlash 2007 tonight?

It never happend Khali took out everybody, but Cena. It was supposed to be Cena vs HBK, but Khali took out HBK, Edge, and Orton.

He came down and beat up Cena a little.

I'm not watching ECW, but there might be some good heat tonight. McMahon against the Originals.

WWE Quiz#1?

If you want to see the beat up
of orton, edge, HBK, and cena, tomorrow
go to the channel 838 at 5 o' clock(if you have dish network)

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