2 questions?

Question:Why did WWF change to WWE

Do you think Kahli deserves a WWE title shot


Who is the ECW world champ?

1) They were sued by the World Wild-Life Foundation (WWF), and lost the rights to the name.

2) No.

Who do you think would win in this wrestling match? The Great Kahli or Big Show? I personally pick The Great K

The world Wildlife Fund sued World Wrestling Federtaion

A shot yes but not win it..Cena is probally just holding the belt for HHH

Is barbie blank the official pro wrestling wh0re?

1)B/c world wildlife federation(or something like that) threatened to sue
2)Yes but not win

If you ask me, there is no Point in having an ECW One Night Stand this year?

1. i dont know.
2. no, cuz he beat up randy orton, edge, and hbk

Does the ecw website give up to date information?

1. What they said...

2. No, he sucks...

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