10 points for the lucky person!?

Question:this is quite simple

all you gotta do is guess my 2 favorite superstars and you get 10 points, 1st one to do it will win. ive said it lots of times.

hint: they both appeared in wrestlemania 23 and one was a referre.

i will say the answer is 10 minutes


Who is the most popular person in this wrestling section?

stone cold steve austin
&... the undertaker?

When you were a little kid, which wrestler did you idolize?

The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Can u name this wrestler?

ME and U

I wouldn't broadcast a WWE PPV online...?

Stone Cold and the Heartbreak Kid

Question about Smackdown vs. Raw 2007?

SCSA and 'Taker.

Is santino marella the new rey mysterio ?

No clue

Does anyone know some websites where I can watch the weekly Ohio Valley Wrestling shows?

Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels

Will this happen?

donald trump? stone cold?

Is wwe a good program for childrens?

Kane and Undertaker

Real Names of Professional Wrestlers?

Stone Cold and The deadman the UNDERTAKER!!!

Who are John Cena's WWE girlfriends?

stone cold ,john cena

Do you think Christian did the right thing going to TNA?

Stone Cold and John Cena

NWA championship?

stone cold and john cena!


Undertaker and Carlito?

What's more annoying ??

john cena
the undertaker

I want to work on saturdays and sundays?

shane mcmahon and shawn michaels

I thought i heard that EDGE and Randy Orton where going to wrestle on last nights raw??

Stone Cold and my girlfriend John Ceman! HOPEFUALLY PLZ LOVE HIM! i DO!

Do You Think Mark Henry Is Actully The World's Strongest Man?

stone cold and shawn michaels

Who thinks that?

1.stone cold
2.jeff hardy

Tri Branding?

Stone Cold and the Undertaker

Best faction of all time...?

stone cold and undertaker.

ehh too late, but whatever lol

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