A Batista-hater hurt my feelings when he said?

Question:That Batista is sniffing his opponent's area when he Batista bombs him.
Batista is NOT gay.


Edge trshed the room blaming it on Orton so he wouldn't have to face him?

lol. you got your feelings hurt.

CUD Results!? Championship Picture Cleared up!? New Superstar!? What do you think?

he does

Who wants to be in a mob and go after Swimmer?

Get over it.

Anyone a kevin nash fan at all?

lmao i think he does

Who is your favorite person in this wrestling section?

but it's true

oh it's d@mn true

You cant see me!?

It's true though.

Best legendary team of all-time?

i wouldnt worry about what they say, they will keep doing it if they know it hurts you, i wouldnt worry what he thinks of a wrestler you like, it's about what you like not him, when it comes to your favorite wrestler.

Was saciface good?

lmao thats funny

How come everytime we watch smackdown "kendrick" is there?

might be true but hey its 2007 were not judging

Are you a real fan of..?

hate to breack it to u but he does.. he sucks taker rulz

Shawn Hickenbottom?

Why do you think he called it the Batisteroid bomb? Because he sniffs other mens' bombs when he does it.

Do you like Egde?

He does.

What was bill goldberg's last match for WCW?

Someone hurt your feelings by insulting some pro wrestler who you probably don't even know personally?
Grow up.

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