Any word on Orton?

Will he be at Backlash or did he get laid off? Official Links would be nice.


Who is the better musician?

Orton's not fired. He got a slap on the wrist, possibly a fine, but he'll be at Backlash. He may be the one taking the pinfall, but Randy Orton is NOT fired. There has been rumors of WWE benching him until his contract comes to expire, in fear of him going to TNA, but there has been no real legitimate reason to believe WWE will do this, that TNA's interested, or if Randy Orton's interested for that matterGo to for anything you need to know.

Did Mr. Kennedy ever face Kurt Angel?

They're still advertising Backlash as a four-way, so I think he is still in. =)

Where can I get some of these WWE theme musics that I can burn on a CD?

he,s going to back lash on sunday, go to

Where can i find vids about the reunion of DX from when HBK Saved HHH from Spirit SQuad?

i think he is still laid off.i think he may be in the match but he won't win ,.they will probably give him a fake injury and then let him go bakcstage and then they can talk to him...i cna't believe he would acctually smoke pot and trash a expesive worth hotel room and then now I have no idea what he may be he sitting on a becnh in a jall cell or is he free or is he just in trouble? I hope he is ok but he shouldn't have done that in the first place and I dont think he should win or even deserves the WWE championship belt/ belongs to edge or cena..and slo I don't think he is or even will be fired from the WWE officals and all those other people that work in the WWE

Has anyone ever meet sensational sherri?

he died in his hotel room

Cena WWE Title petition?

Personaly, Orton ain't the best, but hey, 2points **

Attention!! attention!! all john ceman fans?

No but I don't think he would win...2 POINTS!

How old is john cena?

Stright From

"When the story of Randy Orton’s trashed hotel room first got out people in the locker room under the impression that he had been fired on the spot, which obviously wasn't the case. There are now reports coming out that the damages to his hotel room were in excess of $50,000. Orton is definitely in hot water right now and there are people within the company who are surprised that he still hasn’t been fired yet. WWE officials are very upset about the situation, especially after having given him so many chances in the past, but it doesn‘t look like they will be releasing or suspending him."

What happen in the HBK vs. Edge match. Did anybody come out.?

he will be at backlash unlike carlito

Wwe shopping fans?

i guess.

ha 2 points!

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