Am I the only one who thinks Queen Sharmell is beautiful ?


I'm sure you all know this, but just in case: Undertaker's Injury...?

Who's Sharmin isn't that some toilet paper?

Do Tna fans like gay VKM?(the stable)?

yes u r. now go watch porn and find someone else to be hot

When will Randy Orton's contract expire?

It does not matter how attractive she is, because Cherry is the most beautiful diva in the WWE. =)

Is it true that Eddie Guerrero was a drug-addicted wife beater?

I believe so... 'cos I consider TRISH STRATUS and ASHLEY are a pair of BONA-FIDE BEAUTIES!!

Who thinks Shelton should ditch charlie Haas and tag team with nitro.?

You are such a fool!! Not if she had a shiny bald head. I am the real queen. All you fools need to bow down to me.


What was the last thing that went through Owen Hart's mind?

I agree with you that Queen Sharmelle is beautiful. Not only because she was a former Ms. Black America but she does have the face and the body.

Beauty is relative. Some people don't think one celebrity is beautiful. Others go ga-ga over a women who's not really beauty queen material. We have different taste and we just have to respect each others opinion.

Just like the old saying...

"Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder."

How come the WWE holds so many superstars back?


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