ANY THOUGHTS OF WHY Yahoo Users all losing their interest of the WWE, since Cena is the champ?

What more things do you like of Raw right now


Why Smackdown is more fun and entertaining than RAW?

Since Cena is the Champ is all about Cena, tell me is that fair. there are some young superstars that want to shine , but he is like a big wall right now, until he is not the champ everything will flow ok.Believe me cena fans if he loses the title they will still love him..Main word is "Hot" , but most people dont want to see a pretty face winning , they want more action

What ever happened to The Ultimate WARRIOR?

I hate wrestiling so who knows, but the guy does seem to cocky from what i have seen on clips of wrestiling.

Plz rate these people out of 10?

To me he just doesn't seem like a realistic champion. Like when Diamond Dallas page was champion. Thats when I stoped watching. Now i'm getting back into it.

Does anyone think that when Triple H returns the WWE will be more fun to watch?

Randy Orton, The Hardys and Cena are their main headliners. What's really unfair in the WWE is that they have an entire other roster of unknown guys in the back who never get to wrestle on TV. They get to do house shows & dark matches. I would love to see some of them come out some time.

Who is my favorite WWE wrestler.?

If John aint the Champ then i'm canceling my yahoo.

Can eddie fatu speak english ?

it's not only cena why people are losing interest it's the whole damned company ... cena is getting stale. and him beating khali was just too too ridiculous. the wwe has this guy like a god or something. He can't be beat, he don't back down from a fight, he made khali tap out, yet khali knocked him out in less than 10 seconds on raw with his bare hands. the guy needs to get his butt kicked some more. He is always too damn sure that he is going to win matches, he never goes into a match thinking that he may lose.

the wwe writing team is getting lazy they are only focusing on writing stories for the chosen few. and everybody else can just become jobbers, or just hang out in the back until we find something to do with you. they need to involve all the guys on the roster in some story or the other and make them interesting. they have guys like val venis and vicera on the roster for one purpose only, to lose matches.

They have become too predictable, the minute u see val or big vis or someone else they cast aside in the ring you know they are just gonna lose the match and make the other guy look good. on raw tonight the whole damn world knew that lashley was going to win the gauntlet match because they know that the wwe refuses to do anything new unless a big star is put on the shelf so they are going to drag out this vince and lashly crap until people get sick of it... nothing at judgement day was shocking it was all expected.. same thing for wrestlemania, and the royal rumble.

the wwe is just sucking more and more every week. and they are going to drive themselves out of business. .

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