Question:what ideas can you bring to Raw for stop going downhilll

I Imagine the first one will be for some , is cena losing the title


Who would you like to see on the " Where are they now" Section of the WWE site ?

More Hardcore Action Matches
More Divas in pillowfights,
Having stone cold or The rock just as Comentators or Visiting

Having more taboo matches, meaning that matches you certainly dont expect who is going to win

How do you?

One - bring back the prestige of the I/C Championship. The I/C Championship used to be a title that people actually wanted to win. Now it's like a garbage title that is given to just about any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Two - revitalize the tag team division. There are 5 tag teams in Raw right now, but we only see Cade & Murdoch and The Hardy Boyz regularly. Where have the Highlanders gone? Where's Cryme Time? The World's Greatest Tag Team?

Three - Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro and Carlito. These are the people who have talent. These guys should be pushed. I wonder why they felt the need to promote Santino Marella to win the I/C title when they have these guys around...

Four - Variety in terms of matches. Can't remember the last time I saw a table match on Raw. Can't remember the last time they held a cage match on Raw. Can't remember the last time they held a hardcore match on Raw.

That's all I can think of at the moment...

If WWE was a TV show..?

i enjoy Intergender Matches.. and they should have better storylines.. it sux actually seeing the same thing happen every time.. :(

What WWE diva would you want for a gf/wife and which one do you think you'd use for a one night stand?

bring back the hardcore championship and have him feud with the ECW champion. Brink back chick gimmick matches. havent had an evening gown or bra and panty match for awhile. LESS TALKING always worked! Give the title to someone other than Cena. Make Stephanie stop firing people. Two words "The Rock".

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