Another question for guys. Sorry people im board.?

Question:Ok im so sorry but i am board and i want to know theese things.

What would make you attracted to Mickie Lee
What would YOU do if you saw Mickie Lee
A. Punch her face in
B. Kiss her
C. Ask her for a little somthing *dirty mind*
D. Ask her to wrestle with you.
E. Leave because shes CRAZY!

What about if it was Dirtii Diva
A. Punch her face in
B.Kiss her
C.ask for somthing
D Ask her to wrestle with you
E. Leave because shes out of your league

Insted just tell me your feelings about the two because it seems they are both loved!


Who do you want to be the Wonmens champion? I want 'bout u?

'Board' is a plank of wood.

'Bored' is a state of mind.

'Boar' is a wild pig.

Got it?

Triple H or HBK?

LOL!!! cooooolll..!
Pick me! I'm bettter ! lol.

Does Umaga really?

Sounds like someone's a little obsessed with you, Mickie Lee.

Why I think Tatanka shouldn't have gotten released, let's see if you agree,?

2. C

mickie lee is a cool person even if she still hates me !
dirtii diva is great !

Who is fan of Dave Batista??

D and B

The Rockers vs Strike Force?


Why does everyone think that raw is the best show when it's obviously ecw?

Mickie Lee:
A, and E.
Dirtii Diva:
But yeah where's my name on there ;p, kidding hehe.

Which is your favorite Hardy boy?

1: C
2. E

Which do u think sounds the sexiest?

learn how to spell bored right u molester

This question is for the guys?

Ask For Something. (To fufill my fantasies)

Whats going to happen next week on Raw?


How much longer will TNA wrestling last?

or how about F. put my azz on mickie james.

WWE Action Figures?

child molestor

Booby lashley or john cena -who is the best ?

2)B.B.B.B.B.B.B. lol

Chavo is waiting for Rey to take his belt off him agree?




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