Another Edge Head question?

Question:Should Edge bring back the Rated R show? To Smackdown?

If he does I know who should he introduce..

Edge should bring to the Rated R Show....Edge!

That would be great having himself introduce himself to the great smackdown fans!

Hell yeah! What do you think?

Lita would be cool to..cuz I like her She's cool.


Did Mcmahon ruin ECW by taking the belt from Lashley?

dont u mean "The Cutting Edge"
h*ll yeah

CENA wins!?

Edge so should do that and it would be sooo cool to see him with the title around his shoulders and lita on his right side like old times. I think it could be even better than his old show the Cutting Edge. I am a complete and total edge head. Good question buddy. I star it!

Somebody Help Please?

edge is so egoistical that he would to that sort of thing but what ever

Steel Chair or HeadOn?

The Rated R Show!! and no he only has that shows when he needs to rest an injury. so if hes not injured he should be beatin the animals ***

Is taker really a dead man?.?

i dont know but Edge sucks

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