After triple h's injury at new years revoloution do any of you think triple h will return to kick more ***


Do you think it's possible that Harry "Bulldog" Smith joins WWE?

Triple hhh is coming back to wwe in the summer.

Do u think undertaker has changed over the years wrestling wise?

of cos..
he tore his other quadricep a few years back and after rehab he came back so i'm sure this time around is gonna be the same..
it's only sad that DX ended so fast..

WWE VS TNA in a tag team match?

Is the Space Pope reptilian?

What do u think of the outsiders?

I think he will. He said he was hoping to return by Summerslam.

Who is/was wwe cutest couples?

triple hs game never ends but for everyone else hes the reason their game is over

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