AJ Styles is the face of TNA. Does anybody else, besides me, think that is a good decision by TNA?

Throughout the short history of TNA nobody has made more of an impact than "The Phenominal" AJ Styles. This wrestler, who the WWE wanted to go into smaller wrestling league until he fit WWE's standards (which is minimal wresling and nothing but power moves), right from the start of his TNA carreer nobody (but Jarrett, but that's understandable) has been more decorated and has recieved a bigger fan group than AJ Styles. He has won the NWA Championship 3 times, won the X Division Championship 6 times, won the NWA Tag Team Championship 4 times, the only Triple Crown Champion and has been it 3 times, and has been voted "Mr. TNA" 3 times (2003, 2004, and 2005) and that is more than anybody else. AJ Styles has gained credibility from wrestlers, former wrestlers, and fans around the world so much that it makes Cena look like a midcarder compared to him (which he is). To me AJ Styles is the future of pro wrestling. What do you think?


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AJ Styles made a good decision going to TNA. When he was in wwe, he was a cruiserweight jobber losing to people like the Hurricane (Gregory Helms). While in TNA, he's the main event and 3 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, 6 time X Division Champion, and 4 time NWA Tag Team Champion. I always see a new move in every one of his matches. In my opinion, if AJ Styles goes to wwe right now, he probably won't get the respect he deserves over there since cena is still champ and wrestling. I think he'll have to wait until wrestlers like lashley, batista, and cena don't get the spotlight as much anymore as they usually do and that will be his time to shine.

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I guess so, but I think anyone with the most steroid use should be it. Actually that covers everyone in wrestling. Wrestling is fake.

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Yes,I agree with you.Aj Styles is a great wrestler and is definatlely the face of proffesional wrestling.

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First heres a star. Damn right he is, he is the best Pound for Pound wrestler in the world and has about 39 moves (that he actually does). He is the future and since he is the face of TNA, he will be debated as the best with the future of the WWE Randy Orton

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Yeah,he did everything in TNA and is one of the most athletic people on TNA,he is someone who dose not want to go to WWE because in 2003 they offered him a contract and he refused it,he wrestled every wrestler that is anybody,he's in good story lines,puts on exciting matches,he's a great wrestler and plays it smart.He's nasty.

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