What's better..Wrestlemania22 or Wrestlemania23??

i think WM22 bcuz it has more match than WM23.


What do u think of this dream match?

Wrestlemania22!! for sure! well WM23 is kinda exiting.nice.. good..but compared to WM22? well WM22 is better...ill give you 5 reasons why WM22 is better than WM23...

1.Rey and Triple H was not there in WM23
2.WM22 has more card matches than WM23
3.Eddie Guerrero was an inductee in WM22
4.it has more exiting happenings than WM23
5.the tagline phrase of BIG Time is way better than a nonsense All Grown Up..

that's my opinion...thanks!

Wrestling names?

Well John CEMAN retained against 2 actual wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Triple H... with the GAY STFU!

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Who deserves to be main-event status?

Both were good events. I preferred Wrestlemania 22 because the card had more matches and just was exciting. I didn't like Wrestlemania 23 because it had fewer matches and not all the titles were on the line (example: The SmackDown Tag Team titles weren't defended and should have been).

Can someone tell me?

Wm 23 is the better one bcos. it was the match between 2 giants who had ever been beaten by other contender b4 .Though batista holds a lower hand b4 undertaker . I think he fought superbly .

What happened during RAW tonight?

mania23 is not bad because we saw that Undertaker wins the world title...then we also saw the match between Kane and Khali and of course the match of two sexy divas Ashley v Melina.but for me mania22 is better..bcuz it has more match,more exiting and unbelievable happenings..

Who here is a fan of the big red machine KANE?

Definitely 22. I mean, there were so many great matches... and Jesus Christ man, Foley and Edge stole the show. And then HBK stole the show after that! 22 was incredible, full of unforgettable memories, just like Wrestlemania is supposed to be. On top of that, the women's match was actually solid at 22 and at 23 it really sucked. And Kane vs. Khali? Come on. Nobody wants to see Khali wrestle, let alone at Wrestlemania.

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any wm is better than wm23

What does raw do now?

wrestlemania 23.

Which team would win?

wm22 was way better

Who would win a wrestling match between Brenda Raganot or John Cena?

Wrestlemania 22 's main event was not nice. Wrestlemania 23 is better

Does anyone like eddie guerroe or u all miss him?


Eddie Guerrero(R.I.P) Vs Mvp??

WM22 is better because there isn't main event matches such as No Hold Barred like Shawn Michaels played against Vince McMahon and Undertaker vs. Mark Henry in a casket match and on top of that WM22 is better.

Didn't I tell you so?

wrestlemania 23 because of battle of the billionaires

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WrestleMania 22.
Coz it had more and good matches!

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