Ant tips?

Question:does any body know tips 4 how not to be nervous while presenting in school
(no imagine them in there underwear stuff)


What would you think if Vince McMahon where to do a rap/hip hop video?

don't look at them in the eye. act like their not there. and have no thoughts of them laughing at you at the end.

Who's return are you most looking forward to?

hmm.All's I do is stick my thumb in the air and yell "THUMBS UP!!"It relaxes me...BTW,Thumbs up!!


imagine batisteroids not taking steroids which will never happen

McMahon got a title, Cena is still Champ?

Make sure you're confident and knowledgeable about what you're presenting. "Uhhhs" and "ummms" are *NOT* good business.


Be confident and pretend you are in the WWE ring.

Which show is the best ?? raw, smackdown, ecw or tna?

Imagine you are Kane and imagine chokeslamming them, or the Undertaker and imagine tombstoning them. Good Luck!

Top 10 wrestling entrance themes?

try to keep moving and not being stiff in one place, walk a little while you talk

make sure that you know what you're talking about, but if you messup remember its ok

have some point of reference to look at while you're presenting.

What is the TNA Spike TV slogan?


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