All you fans out there criticizing pro wrestlers tell me could you do any better?


Who has/had the best boobs in the WWE past and present?

i am right there with you any one who hates wrestling you a buttmunch not a little butt munch but a big butt munch

Which show has the best Champions right now?

the question is could you?

In the wwe, has anyone ever defeated the great khali?

Nobody's criticizing wrestling ?

CM Punk vs. Stone Cold.How would it go down?:(pt.2)?

im sure they cant

I've cracked the code!?

yes we criticize wrestlers because the owner of the wrestling company gives shows us wrestlers that appear to have little talent & always wins matches even in the toughest conditions, for example john cena, hes not a bad wrestler but the moves he has to do in the ring are just played out & tired, plus hes always the wwe champion, we're tired of that & its getting old, we shouldnt have to see a reigning champion for 2 years

What do you think when people say wrestlers take steroids?

yeas I am the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be brother ohhh yeeeeeah!

What Edge did on SD was shooting someone in the back the cowards way out?

Yes if trained, said my prayers, and ate my vitimans I could out perform every wrestler in the buisness except The Perfect One Shawn Stazkiak and Head Banger Mosh.

Besides those two being better than me I would be the greatest wrestler of all time.

What is Kanes real name?

If your are speaking technical wrestling, I can do better than alot of the guys as I was an amature wrestler, and have also wrestled for the RMCW promotion.

Will sumone please give me a link to kurt angle's REAL ecw theme song?? not the modified versions from youtube

I don't criticize many of them but guys like Khali I do. I am not out there in the ring trying to pretend I am worth paying money to watch so I think fans have a right to complain when the product is bad.

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