AJ last TNA match before his contract with Smackdown is settle?

my friend told me that this is week is AJ last week in TNA so can you tell if this is true and is he really going to smackdown


You ask "why do we always talk about cena?"?

Yes he is really going into Smack down and did you know that wwe wrestling is fake? GAAAAAGGG

Does anyone know when the game triple h will be back on raw?

i doubt he will sign with the wwe because months ago he stated in an interview that he wouldnt sign with them. and him and batista got into an argument.

not face to face though

Was tonights ecw the best ecw you've seen in a long time?

are you serious? He better not. hes making a big mistake.

ANOTHER diva search contest?

Don't always listen to your friends. Most of the time people will read an article written by someone stating what THEY would like to happen, or think will happen, or they'll read something and see a vague reference to someone doing this, or doing that, and convince themselves that it's fact and it's news. Happens all the time. Don't read too much into stuff.

Why does everyone think that the f-u is so devestating?

Your friend is wrong. TNA tapes their shows 2 weeks at a time and they taped this week's episode of Impact last Tuesday. If AJ was leaving, it would be all over the internet and WWE would probably be putting of promotional ads of him. Plus that, Dixie Carter is stupid, but knows that A.J. is one of the biggest stars in her company. She would make sure to resign him. I seriously doubt your friend is right, however, I guess there is a remote possibility for the future when his contract expires.

Did Jerry Lawler really hate Andy Kauffman or was it all part of the show?

if aj comes to wwe that would be a big mistake. he wouldn't never get a title. cause vince already has his favorites pick out

Rey mysterio vs super crazy in a loser~leave~USA match who loses?

It would be hard for him to do that, since he's helping to develop the first TNA iMPACT video game.

How good do you think this team would be?

I LOVE AJ Styles, that kid is unreal, even Bret said he wanted to be paired up with Styles if he was still wrestling. That kid is crazy gifted. He is in a major storyline right now with Cage, well, maybe not major, but I didnt hear anything about this contract.

In case you are interested...?


It seems like Yokozuna really won the war with the deadman. How come they never gave Undertaker a 3rd match?

I haven't heard anything about AJ going to Smackdown. If this were true he wouldn't be getting any kind of push in the WWE, just look at how the ECW is using Marcus Cor Von, he isn't getting any kind of push like he did in TNA. AJ needs to stay in TNA.

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