Agree or Disagree:Elijah Burke,Mister Kennedy,MVP,Khali,Thorn and Layla are the future of WWE?


Could you really see Vince making Cena win a WWE match against freakin' Godzilla??

Burke is the heel of the future, EVERYONE hates him and thats his JOB. Kennedy reminds me of Steve Austin in ECW, JUST learning his role. MVP just sucks, Khali will be the new phenom once he finds his place. Thorn is good but not a main eventer. Layla wont stay in WWE, she's FAR too talented.

Who would like to see JOHN CENA win and still be wwe champion at judgment day?

I agree, and add in Orton, Nitro, Benjamin, Mickie and Melina.

WWE: SUMMERSLAM 2006 MUSIC question !!?

no just mr.kennedy

If you were a wrestler, what would your nickname be?

No problemexcept you forgot The Legend Killer Randy Orton now he IS the future of the whole company

TLC = Totally Lacking Coolness?

I agree but cut out Mr. Kennedy's name from the list

Swimmer or Shamu the Killer Whale?

Unfortunatly I agree. I dont like anyone of then cept for mr. kennedy. This shows you that wrestlings going slowly declining.

Should Shelton Benjamin drop his useless partner?

i agree but i think you should add orton

How many tombstones did undertaker recieve at wm14?10 points?

Elijah Burke eh so so
Mr. Kennedy yes
Khali no way
Kevin Thorne yes
Layla not so much no

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