Another WWE quiz. Any 1 that is awesome gets ten points?

Question:#1. how old is Mr.mcmahon
#2. who is the wwe title
#3. how will cena die
#4. Is hulk hogan still with the wwe
#5. When did Kane when thw WHC
#6. whos the 5 time wcw champion
#7. Who calles every1 a Bathturd tampion
#8. Is Shane mcmahon a Gm
#9. Who is Teddy longs assistent
#10. on what day did eddie gureero die
#11. What is umagas fav. color
#12. is Mick Foley wrestling
#13. Whast 2 times 2
#14. Is umagas name Eddie fatu
#15. How did edge win the WHC.
#16. who is the cruiserweight championchip
#17 who is cenas wife
#18. Who is smackdowns #1 announcer
#19 Is gurinder a mexican
#20. Who should eat chicken. Umaga or abyss


Do you think Edge is in store for a lengthly title run?


wwe champion=john cena

cena dies= he will get aids from vince

hulk hogan in wwe=no

kane WH champion= 1999

5 time wcw champ=booker T


shane mcmahon GM=yes for raw

teddy's assistant=krstal

eddie guerro death= on november 13,2005

umaga fav color=black

mick foley wresling=no


umaga eddie fatu=yes

how did edge win wh=he cashed in his money in the bank & speared undertaker & won

cruiserweight champ=chavo guerrero

cena's wife=he doesnt have one

smackdown's annoucer=JBL

gurinder mexican=no


Do you think these are the best variation matches in recient WWE history?



1. 61yrs
2. is it who holds the WWE title? if so John Cena...because he defeated Khali last night.
3. I guess being shot directly in the heart.
4. No
5. 1999
6.Booker T
7. ?
9. Kristal
10 november 13 2005
11. I guess BLACK?
12. NO
13. WTF? 4
14 YES
15.THAT coward! he used the MONEY in the BANK cashing it in and when undertaker was aready done his match he cashed it in and pinned UNDERTAKER!
15 Chavo Guerrero
16 he's not married
17 Funaki
19. WHO?
20. Abyss

Rey Mysterio...?

1. 62
2. John Cena
3. Collapse in a secluded room
4. He is, but only part time
5. 1999
6. King Booker (Booker T)
7. I don't know
8. No
9. He doesn't have one yet, but he might hire Vickie Guererro
10. November 13th 2005
11. Black
12. He doesn't, but he still works for WWE part time
13. 4
14. Yes
15. He cashed in the Money in the bank that he won from Mr. Kennedy the following day.
16. Chavo Guererro
17. He's still single
18. Funaki
19. No
20. Umaga

A question for fans of fake "wrestling"?

1 (62?)
2 Cena
3When HHH gets back and kicks his butt!
4yes he just signed a 20 year wwe contract
6. A couple people
8 NO
9.Vickie Gurrerro
10. November 13,2005 R.I.P.Eddie
12. he got hired back before WRetslemania
#13. 4
#14. Yes
#15. Chashed in MOney in bank
#16. Chavo
#17 Not married but every one will say Vince mcmahhon
#18. Who is smackdowns #1 announcer JBL
#19 Is gurinder a mexican What
#20. Who should eat chicken. Umaga or abyss Neither

Edge once again has the edge?

2.john c
3.when vince dies
5.did not win heavy but champ 1999
6.booker t
9.maybe vickie but right now no one
12.somtimes but right now no
13.4 in money in bank
17.vince McMahon

Anyone hear any rumors or heard anything lately about The Rock making a return to the WWE?

2#John Cena
3#Steroids or Car crash
4#No but his superstar page is
5# 1999
6# King Bookaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
7# Idk
8# Partly there is really no GM of Raw
9# Vicky Guerrero
10# Nov.13,2005 R.I.P
11# IDK
12# No
13# What that ain't wrestling but it's 4
14# No
15# By cashing in the money in tha bank after Undertaker went through a Cage match and big belly Mark Henry came in
17#Mr. Mccromedome (Mr.McMahon)
18# JBL a wrestling Fraud
19# Yes I think
20# Umaga

Scott stiener and kevin nash?

1. 61
2. Cena holds it, the title isnt a person
3. heart attack
4. nope
5. never. He held the WWE title for about 24 hours once but has never held the WHC.
6. Booker T
7. No one I know of.
8. Nope
9. No one as of yet, Itll be Vicki Guerrero soon though.
10. Sunday
11. black
12. not regularly
13. 4
14. yes
15. He used the MitB he won from Kennedy and speared Taker after Mark Henry crushed Taker.
16. Chavo Guerrero holds the championship, the championchip (sic) isnt a person
17. no one, he's single
18. Sho Funaki
19. umm, no?
20. Abyss

Name this wrestler?

#1- 61
#2- John Cena is the Champ
#3- he will not die! NEVER!!
#4- No
#5- 1999
#6- King Booker
#7- Dont get it
#8- No
#9- Kristal is his gf but i think Vickie is his assistant
#10- Nov. 13, 2005
#11- Black?
#12- kinda
#13- 4
#14- Yes
#15- cashed in the mitb and won the title from the Deadman
#16- Chavo Guerrero
#17 - I will be
#18- Michael Cole
#19 - dont know
#20- Both

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