Are you face or heel. Everyone Answer?

Everyone post either face or heel depending on what you are. I wanna see what we got on this section. No changng minds. I guess you can also be neutral (Nor face or heel), like me.


Is that Kahli's Boyfriend?

face :)

Bobby Heenan or JBL?

I am a tweener, leaning slighty towards the heel side.

I pi$$ people off and get best answers at the same time.

It is a win-win situation!

Steiner says, "HA"?

Yea, i'm a neutral...!

Edge..Mr. MITB?!?

im neutral

Is Hulk Hogan really Immortal?


What happened during RAW tonight?

I am not a wrestler. their for i am neither.

Is Benoit the only technical wrestler in wwe left?

Neutral...Im Thumbs Up again!BTW,Thumbs up!

What do you dislike most about Rey Mysterio?

I am a neutral.

Is uegene nice in person?

I'm a face, I don't get people mad and bash people.

Anyone think Trish will ever return to WWE??

I have a short fuse
I will kick ur a.s.s and thn some
You dont wanna mess with me
I can minipulate

Who can name all of rey mysterio friends?

The FatBoy says, "The FatBoy is gonna take your answer, shine it up real nice, turn that sum-b* sideways and shove it straight up your candy a**!!! Then send you running down Jabroni Street to the Smackdown Hotel!"

Yep, you may remember it as being his face rantings, but The Rock started that schtick while a heel, so a heel I shall remain!!

Who do you think is the best "Monster heel"?

heel (evil Indeed)

How to make a wrestling mask?

Heel. I'll smack you in the face with a chair and laugh at you writhing in pain.

Who is Magix and what is he about?

in between face and neutral...
idk, sometimes a heel...

depends on my mood when answering!

Who do you like better?

Nuteral sometimes I'm nice sometimes all piss you off and kick your @$$!!

Who is the Pro Wrestler who hurt Bret Hart and ended his career?

I'm a monster face like Kane and The Boogeyman

What are the chances that mickie james turns heel again?


Kane vs Undertaker at Judgement Day?

Im a tweener.

Who do you think would win the Diva lingerie pillow fight?

i would say heel!!

How cool is the TNA video game going to be?

I think Im Face Sometimes and other times im hell

Who's do you think is the most gay out of these 3?


Do you think ashley massaro and paul london are together?

I'm a tweener with face leanings.

Does Sabin & Shelley make a great tag team in TNA?

in wrestling someone who is neutral is called a tweener and like the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be (Bret Hart NOT HBK!) I am mostly babyface until i lose my temper then i turn heel in the blink of an eye!

WWE sign guy...?

maybe noone knows me but i think im face and neutral

kl question

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